Clay Francell

Clay Francell is a First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor Trainer and offers an extensive background in Safety and Training, with special expertise in navigating how Non-Profit Organizations are managed. With nearly four decades of experience developing safety programs for multiple industries, including water recreation, aviation entertainment, and oil field related applications, his goal is to go “above and beyond” so that every person is prepared for their assigned task.

Clay believes that leadership takes listening, understanding, and empathy, and he believes that everyone has something to bring to the table. He offers this wisdom in meditations and board meetings by allowing everyone in the room a chance to express their thoughts, ideas, opinions, or plans, in order to derive possible solutions to any situation or issue.

Education and development play important roles in making sure employees and volunteers are aware of what is expected of them when it comes to performing daily work requirements or job descriptions, as well as handling customer satisfaction and company policy. Clay’s background in education and training has crossed industries from elementary and high-school classrooms to safety training employees working with chemicals and heavy equipment in the oil field. Combining his passion for aviation and history, Clay both volunteered for and worked for the Commemorative Air Force’s annual large-scale event, AIRSHO, when it was based in Midland, Texas by training volunteers, developing and maintaining Emergency Action Plans, and working as the liaison for all community departments involved.

Clay co-established Water Safety International after extensive training from the American Red Cross (ARC) to become a Volunteer Safety Specialist. Training that included 1st Aid, CPR, Lifesaving and Adaptive Aquatics Instructor. Clay also trained as 1 of 250+ trained internationally in the new ARC Lifeguard Training program, becoming a Safety Specialist. Clay was responsible for training new Instructor Trainers in all aspects of the American Red Cross, throughout West Texas. As part owner of Water Safety International, Clay developed new and innovative lifesaving techniques, specific to the Water Park Industry. He also established Training and Operations in world class Waterparks. In addition, Clay helped establish Safety Standards for the World Water Park Association and the Insurance Underwriters, and included Safety Inspections for Insurance Companies, Corporations and Cities which owned Water Parks.

Working with volunteer-based organizations for over 45 years, Clay has developed a keen ability to decipher committee communications and re-focus a non-profit’s needs and wants. His experience includes:

  • Credentialed Mediatior, Texas Mediatior Credentialing Association
  • Certified Mediation Training
  • Everything DiSC Certification
  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Certification
  • Dispute Resolution Certification
  • Board Member – The Old Sheriffs Museum – Fort Davis, Texas (current)
  • Unit Leader – AIRSHO Support Detachment-Public Safety Corps, Medical Corps – Texas
  • Director of Education – American Airpower Heritage Museum – Midland, Texas
  • AIRSHO Director – Commemorative Air Force – Midland, Texas
  • Incident Command Structure (State of Texas ICS forms) filed with the State of Texas – AIRSHO Incident Commander
  • State Board for Education Certification (SBEC)
    • State Board for Teacher Certification (2002-2005)
    • State Board for Teacher Certification Para Professional/Educational Aide (Lifetime)
  • President and Founding Member – West Texas Celt Fest – Midland/Odessa, Texas
  • Established 501(c)(3) for West Texas Celt Fest
  • Board President – Odessa Council for the Arts and Humanities – Odessa, Texas
  • Managing Director/Technical Director – Globe of the Great Southwest Theatre – Odessa, Texas
  • Safety Specialist/Chair – American Red Cross – West Texas Territory
  • Board Member, American Red Cross – Odessa, Texas
  • Chairman of Disaster Preparedness and Planning – American Red Cross – Odessa, Texas
  • Board President of West-Side YMCA – Odessa, TX
  • Pioneer in computerized Hot Check Cashing Service