Terri Francell

Terri Francell, SPHR

Terri Francell, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is an experienced Manager, Consultant, and Human Resources Director. Her ability to communicate effective growth measures and development ideas in these fields allows her to keep companies running smoothly during transitions such as acquisitions, mergers, union discussions, as well as industrial plant closings and openings.

Managers rely on Terri’s expertise in recruitment, training, negotiations, and motivating employees. She’s taught Human Resources Management and Business Communication classes at the university level, and was published in 2002 as co-author on “Goldratt’s Thinking Process Applied to Union Negotiations.” In her work with Basic Energy Services, Terri has handled all aspects of human resources needs for a national oil field-related services company, including due diligence inquiries, policy and process application, and employee integration after acquisition.

Terri’s talent for making sure all business programs run smoothly begins with her ability to relate to the needs of the company as well as the needs of the employee. One of the most beneficial aspects of navigating changes in how Human Resources is used and applied is that it encourages finding a better fit for each position within your company, no matter the number of employees.